Big Brother is Poisoning You!

Big Brother is Poisoning You

by jitskesez

This isn’t a blog about a good juicy conspiracy theory; it’s a health warning. I ask everone who reads it to forward and spread this as widely as possible. Also, as with other controversial blogs I have written, the information I give is gathered from many websites and can be verified by Googling. Please do not succumb to the general bad logic taught by the media as way to avoid controversy, that if you can find someone to say they disagree with the information, then that is enough to invalidate it. The only way to refute the claims made about this poisonous substance in our food, is to produce studies that show it is indeed harmless and does not have any of the effects attributed to it. Not by saying, all the studies that demonstrate these harmful effects are flawed and just trust us, it’s perfectly safe.

Today’s topic, boys and girls, is High Fructose Corn Syrup, henceforth referred to as hfcs, also known as glucose-fructose syrup or the even more misleading, “corn sugar.” Technically it’s not misleading, since it actually is made from corn. But calling hfcs corn sugar is like calling cocaine, tea leaves. Hfcs is made from corn the same way alcohol (ethanol) is made from corn, namely by distilling and processing. The end product indeed is almost exactly like alcohol, except you do not get drunk from consuming it. You suffer every other ill effect of a heavy drinker, though, and that’s a fact. Fatty liver, liver disease, metabolic disorder, weight gain esp. in the belly. As an additional bonus, it gives you diabetes, and ultimately you won’t really die from your overweight but from the collapse of your kidneys and liver. All your body’s mechanisms for dealing with toxins are overloaded and then shut down, and they will bury you in a casket that has to be moved by a U-Haul rental, no normal hearse limousine is large enough. For hfcs not only makes you fat, it makes you hungry. It shuts down the part of your brain that tells your stomach it has had enough.

For some more bad news, an epidemic of diabetes and liver- and kidney disease is now building in the USA and, the more hfcs penetrates the European food markets, it is coming here too, with some delay. Hfcs was developed way back in the early seventies, under Nixon, to give the USA a reliable and cheap sweetener, to stop domestic food prices from fluctuating so much with the price of (mostly imported) sugar cane. And it sure is sweet and it sure is cheap to use, since it’s a lot sweeter than regular sugar, and adds moisture to the product as well, so as far as the objective went, Produce a sweetener domestically that’s better than cane sugar, it’s a success. The FDA didn’t really have to approve it, since regular sugar is already half fructose, so it wasn’t a new product, to require testing. And so manufacturers began adding it to their products, the soft drink companies in the lead. This has now resulted in hfcs being used in nearly all products, including breads and yoghurts. Fortunately products are required to have a list of ingredients on the label; unfortunately most people don’t know that hfcs means “deadly poison”. The product should feature a great big read warning label: Contains hfcs, cause of Diabetes.

The movie, “Supersize Me!” begins with a map of the United States showing the increase in obesity since 1975, about the time hfcs was introduced to the food supply. As the “hero” of the movie progresses through his month of McDonald’s diet, all the effects of high-hfcs consumption appear; within two weeks his liver is so damaged, his doctor says, I didn’t know this was possible without heavy drinking. The connection with hfcs is not made in the movie, but it is there for all to see: McDonald’s isn’t bad for you because it’s fatty; McDonalds is bad for you because nearly everything except the coffee has hfcs in it. Even the salad dressing for the healthy salad. The ketchup has it. The bun has it. And it’s not like McDonald’s is actually out to make you sick; I don’t think any of the companies now putting hfcs in their products, are doing it with actual harmful intent. But their only concern is and has always been, the bottom line; hfcs is very good for the bottom line; therefore we use it. And they will keep using it, until customers refuse to buy it, and since customers generally aren’t informed of the dangers of hfcs, all they know is, I like low food prices too and it tastes good.

You can find the various studies and detailed reports online, who will probably explain better than I can; but here follows a description of what hfcs does to your body, and why it is that eating fructose beyond that which comes with the fruit you eat, is a quick way to an early and very large grave. Your body is equipped to deal with things you put in your mouth, and will even deal with toxic substances, up to a point. The Western diet is already an assault on this system, being high in processed and artificially colored and sweetened foods. If you look at World Health statistics, you will see that in countries where there is famine, there will be hardly any cases of diabetes, and of course none of obesity and the various problems associated with overweight such as heart disease. But, our bodies are fairly adaptable, and most of us, at least until recently, retained normal, functioning bodies, even though they were wider around the waist than we or our doctors would have liked.

Not so with the toxin hfcs. America, and now here in Holland too, ballooned. Diabetes is becoming an epidemic. This is because your mouth may think it’s sugar, but your body has no idea. Since you are eating, your insulin will start flowing to cope with the sugar in your blood, but, it can’t cope with hfcs. Since toxin levels do not go down following the production of insulin, your pancreas produces more insulin. Eventually your blood has lots of insulin and becomes allergic to it, so that you actually should be glad that your pancreas succumbs to the assault and shuts down, giving you diabetes. There is a point of light here though: If you go and get your stomach stapled and stop eating so much (drastically lessening your daily intake of hfcs), chances are good your diabetes will be instantly cured. But, for the grand majority of people now ballooning up (and this includes babies and little children, apparently the effects of hfcs toxicity are genetic), the problems are coming; we are looking at diabetes rates of 80 percent, lots of heart disease, lots of fatal liver disease.

Since the insulin is without effect, the insulin in your blood has nothing to do but deposit fat everywhere, hardening your arteries and making you obese. The brain, which doesn’t get any signal from the insulin that it’s working, doesn’t send the appropriate followup signal back to tell you, stop eating you’re full. The insulin increases your appetite but gets nothing to satisfy it. People and lab rats who consume hfcs do not only gain weight, they gain exponentially: their hunger *permanently* increases. Rather than getting full when they eat, they get more hungry. This is a very vicious circle, where eating hfcs leads to overeating and so more hfcs which leads to more overeating, and so on, until you are 500 pounds and dead. It took only *two weeks* of McDonald’s to do severe damage to the liver, the same amount of years of heavy drinking. It took the “hero” six months to lose most of the weight he had gained, but an additional six months to get back to the weight he had before, with lots of exercise and special dieting. That wasn’t from the fries or the burger; it was from the hfcs with its effect of turning your digestive mechanism against itself. Metabolic disorder.

I advise everyone: READ THE LABEL. If you are at a restaurant, ask if any of their products have hfcs and do not order those. Hfcs is guaranteed to make you diabetic, obese, and dead because of it. Distilled corn products belong in your gastank, not in your body. Sugar all by itself is bad enough, and we Westerners already consume way too much of it. But you can safely double up on regular sugar and still not balloon like you will from hfcs in your soda. It’s not a good idea, but you can in fact indulge in so much sugar that you get a buzz, and your pancreas will deal with it, unless of course you are already diabetic. But your body has no way to deal with hfcs, other than to have the reaction to an invasion of toxins, which, because it’s ineffective, will eventually make you sick as your body parts break down. And in the meantime your body goes hungry so it demands more food. The effects of this are both predictable and obvious to any who care to look around: obesity everywhere.

In summary: Hfcs is poison. Do not eat. Warn everyone you know, especially if diabetes runs in their family. Write your Congressman. Write your Health Department. Spread the word. The only way it will stop being in our food is if we refuse to buy food with hfcs in it. And you will reduce your risk of overweight, heart failure, diabetes, and liver disease immensely; whereas it is guaranteed and for sure, that continued intake of hfcs will result in all these things, even in little children. It should never have been approved for human consumption; every test we now have to show just how nasty it is, comes too late, the damage has already been done. The only way to stop the coming epidemic is to get hfcs out of the food supply, and everybody can begin by getting it out of their own diet. Start today. You’ll be shocked to see how many things you used to eat, that you now have to leave on the shelf. But if you feel at all inconvenienced, just imagine being twice the size you are and on a dialysis machine, and what a big inconvenience that would be.


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Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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