Oink, Oink

Oink, Oink

by jitskesez

I’ve been casting about for a new “let’s have a bitch fit” topic, since I’ve addressed my major topics sufficiently and hate repeating myself, and as I was reading all the media (and FaceBook) uproar about what is happening to Rush Limbaugh, famous media personality who once again and totally true to form, put the Republican opinion in a way that’s completely reprehensible, there it was. Despite my recent switch to the PVV and more conservative notions of nationalism and patriotism, and my willingness to stand alongside even Republicans as long as they will battle Islam with me, I will never stand with Rush Limbaugh. From when he was first on the air, I have hated his fat face — and yes, people, face, his first venture was a TV talkshow. It was advertised by himself as “Funny!” and since it was the Reagan days and we could use all the humor we could find, some of us watched it even though it was on at 2:00 a.m. in most areas, but only very few, and what they heard wasn’t even remotely funny, anywhere.

Rush complained that he wasn’t getting any viewers in that slot, so it was moved to a daytime slot. It bombed there too, so he went over to talk radio. For reason that talk radio is only listened to by people who don’t watch tv or read or have a job or go to school, he got more listeners there, has claimed millions of listeners since, and has sold airtime to advertisers based on huge listener figures nobody has ever verified. He was ever so popular, of course, during the Clinton years, when America enjoyed peace and prosperity, something Republicans apparently couldn’t stand. But what to say, of people who think a man who called the daughter of the President, Chelsea Clinton, who was only twelve at the time, a dog, is worth listening to? What is the logic behind, I don’t like Clinton’s politics, to a license to call his little girl ugly?

All Rush has ever done with the airwaves is poison them against everything that was good and right. On a personal level, he’s the most immoral giant waste of clothes that walks around, except for Bush Jr.  Which must be why he’s so busy squealing about what all others do wrong (come to think of it, credit to Bush Jr. for shutting up since he’s left office). I don’t believe how much of an audience he gets, even after it became known just how much of a drug addict and pervert and liar he was. His audience is like the O.J. Simpson jury, they just won’t believe anything wrong about him. He’s their little god, he tells them what to think, gives them words for their anger at having no tv and no job and no schooling. Blame the Liberals and call them names and their kids, too, guffaw.

So, from here, from this blog, here is a hearty, FUCK YOU, Rush Limbaugh. You should have disappeared into jail and shame when your housekeeper was caught getting you your Oxycontin. If not then, a little while later when you were caught with both Oxycontin and Viagra, on your way to Puerto Rico for some sex, which means you want it with little boys, or else you could have just stayed home. But nothing happened, at all; since he was a Republican icon, he was blessed with the same Teflon coating endowed upon Reagan and Bush Jr. and pretty much all Republicans except Nixon, who got caught redhanded in major unAmerican activities and lies, and got clean away with them. However, for not even screwing his mistress, Bill Clinton was dogged for *six years* with Monica, and eventually impeached. And, thanks in no small part to Rush’s daily portion of brainwashing, many people still cite Clinton, and not the more deserving Reagan nor the even more deserving Bush Jr., as an example of Liar in Office.

Rush never was anything. His audience are morons, who should be arrested for obstructing intelligence. Rush openly and recently confused the effect of the Pill with that of Viagra, his own favorite drug (which all insurance providers cover, by the way, and nobody ever raises an eyebrow about how it’s used in gay orgies, rape, etc.). In his universe, the Pill makes you want to have sex, and taking it brings you in a constant state of sluttiness, where you just want to have sex all day. Again, no, Rushie, that’s *Viagra.* You know, YOUR Viagra. Makes you want to go to Puerto Rico for some satisfaction, and, you do. So you assume women are like that too, when they take a pill. That, like you, they’re some sort of addict, that they need this pill once a day.

Will someone please arrest this piece of human excrement. He’s committed enough offenses to land any black kid in jail for life; and he’s soured and libelled so many people, sown hatred and division, been worse than Hitler’s minister of propaganda in spreading lies and deceit. He’s a psychopath who projects the darkest of his heart unto others, mostly women and anyone low income or anyone who sympathises with either of these. He should have been cancelled years ago, people who said out loud they listen to him, immediately removed from social gatherings. For only people with psychopathic and anti-social personalities would think Rush has a point, on anything. Everyone with even an ounce of intelligence and a heart not made out of solid rock, knew Rush was wrong, sick, and, again, NOT FUNNY. How is it entertainment if he’s never funny, or only with the kind of lame insults he levels at good and decent people? What kind of person thinks insulting others is funny?

I really do hope this is the end of Rush Limbaugh, forever and for good. I’m reminded of James Watt, who was made the head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) by Ronald Reagan, and had functioned for years with opinions like, Trees pollute, and, the best way to prevent forest fires is to clearcut the forest. Environmentalists were beside themselves, the man was clearly not qualified for his office and was being openly outrageous about it. But Reagan loved him, so he stayed, no matter if the entire country got behind the Save the Trees movement. Then one day in 1983, there was to be a concert at the Washington Mall, featuring The Beach Boys. James Watt said he was against this, for “it might attract the wrong crowd” (supposedly potsmoking hippies prone to riot). Oops. Ronald and Nancy Reagan were from California, and Nancy Reagan, like most women from California, was a huge fan of The Beach Boys. So that’s the last we heard from Watt.


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Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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