by jitskesez

Many people in the West, though they are waking up more and more these days, have no idea what ISIS is about, other than “just another bunch of Muslims doing the Muslim thing” just like Boko Haram, Al Queda, Muslim Brotherhood and all those Muslims engaging in murder and butchery, the only thing Islam ever wants from its followers. Butcher everyone else and rape their wives and steal their stuff, then you be good servant of Allah. Wherever Muslims encounter non-Muslims that is how they treat them. No exceptions, in 1400 years of Muslem history. They’ve never done it any other way and will not have it any other way. To the Moslim, his day is made if he gets to savagely butcher, rape, and rob the infidel, rape kids even then chop their heads off. That is Islam. That is ISIS.

So that in itself is bad news, but it gets worse. Some of my readers may already have found this out for themselves – I found out about it because I’m a prophecy student, and ran into it during my research, and the article I read was from ten years ago and described today’s ISIS, saying it was coming. It described the flag of it, pointing out ALL Jihad flags are black (compare also the ancient Pirate flag, black and crossed bones, ie. We are Muslims doing the raping killing stealing thing by sea, see also my blog Muslem Mayhem), and that THE Jihad flag, like the Saudi flag, will declare the supremacy of Mohammed and Allah, the shadada (confession).

You want to get REALLY scared of ISIS? How’s this: The formation of ISIS has been prophesied by Mohammed from the start, it is THE subject of Islamic end-days eschatology and faith, and the culmination of all that Islam is. One of the pillars of their religion is Belief in the Last Day, and ISIS, ladies and gents, is their sign and announcement that the Last Day is here. On that day, the Caliphate will be established, the Mahdi (their messiah-figure) will come to lead it and all Islam to complete world domination, a time of peace and prosperity.

So ISIS is establishing the Caliphate, and worldwide recruitment takes place with “apocalyptic” literature featuring praise of ISIS and all Muslems are getting big hard ons for it, too. They’ve been joining from all over, and are marching in support all over. They know that with ISIS, their time has come. They are itching to grab their knives and start butchering; once ISIS has established the Caliphate formally, the call will go out and anyone in the West near Muslems will undergo the exact same fate as the Christians in Mosul.

ISIS is for Muslims the beginning of their promised and predicted world rule under their own divine leader. They’re expecting and hoping for this, more fervently than most Christians look for the Rapture or Millennium. For it empowers them. And they feel empowered by it, too, that is noticeable, they just march and march in front of civilized people screaming for Jewish blood, they molest and rob the native population and have no problem killing any of them, either — and once the Caliphate is established, people, the call WILL go out, it’s the Plan of the Last Day: Now is the time for all good Muslims to come to the aid of ISIS and start hacking the heads off your Western neigbors’ children, in front of them.

This IS what they are planning. It is what they want and desire, they are chomping at the bit, to get started. ISIS will rise. It will be a Caliphate. And if we do not expell every Moslim from the West right now, they will take that Caliphate as license to start killing us off. For to the Muslim, that is how it’s done; it’s what they do, it’s what they want, and it will bring in an age of peace and prosperity where Sharia dominates the world. ISIS is the full desire and heart of Islam, look at it and all its horror and know that EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM YOU KNOW AND SEE has murder in his heart for you and your children, because of ISIS. They LOVE ISIS. They WANT ISIS. And just like their savage, bloodthirsty brethren in the terrorist groups, to partake in lots of slicing and killing is their ultimate goal in life, they LOVE to do that. Muhammed wants it so and gave example.

ISIS is more dangerous than anyone realizes. Muslims in the West are all potential killers and now that ISIS is here and they evidently support it too, immediate measures must be taken. Muslims must be forcibly expelled from the West, every single one. They are ENEMIES of any state, now that they have their own. Their end-days beliefs and literature (heck for that matter, even the Christian apocalypse has this in it) DEMAND that they start butchering the infidel and chop the head off anyone who won’t bow to their image and false prophet.

You may safely assume that ALL Muslims you see and know are behind ISIS, even if they lie and say they’re not. ISIS is the culmination of all they desire, and the ONLY Muslim you can believe if he condemns it, is an ex muslim. The rest WILL join when the Caliphate sends out the sign, and run out of their homes and neighborhoods in black ski masks with knives and swords and will start killing. I am SERIOUS, not being paranoid. I’ve read the literature from Islamic sources, know from experience how deep such hope and faith can go, seen and heard what ISIS does and wants. They’re already calling it a Caliphate. And they don’t need to wait for the Mahdi, to start preparing his way.

All Moslims must be expelled from the West just as soon as possible. If we do not they will kill us, butcher us like Boko Haram butchers in Nigeria. The government will not stop them, they can’t. Police and Fire will be the first killed, they already attack and harm such people and have been for years, in their neighborhoods in our cities. ISIS is the signal for all Moslims to begin asserting their world rule, and see them march, they have started, hear them be so proud of this Caliphate. The next step is, the call will come and our Muslim neighbors will turn into knife-wielding butchers who will not stop until we’re all dead.

ISIS will be our end if we do not, today, get rid of all who like it from our lands.


UPDATE 10/10/14 — Just in case you thought I thought that up about the prophecy and ISIS, here is an official newspaper article about it:



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Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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12 Responses to WHY ISIS IS BAD NEWS

  1. jitskesez says:

    From Facebook, comment from a French citizen about a video showing French Muslims destroying Paris

    Benny Bern
    Gaza? West Bank? Syria? Egypt maybe? No it s in FRANCE !

    The only thing that matters for these people is to terrify the population, to destroy, to hate..
    I cannot even imagine myself walking in Paris and passing next to them.. What if they would know that i m jewish? Would i be lynched until i would be killed? I m convinced that it s YES. And if you dont believe this… then let s make a test… Let s have a jew walking next to them… let s see their reactions…
    I don t really see a difference anymore between being pro-palestinian and being antisemitic. Attacking a synagogue or jewish people on the street just because they are jewish, it s not a pro-palestinian act, it s simply antisemitism..

    They enjoy this.. it became a priority for them.. and it s just the beginning.

    But the worse are the politicians who don’t do anything against this… Shame on them.
    They will be next… For now, i suggest them to learn arabic and to change their wardrobe. Might be very useful in 5-10 years from now…


  2. Vederso says:

    BBC in een discussie over ISIS (via Vlad Tepes)


  3. jitskesez says:

    Pulled this reaction from below a similar article on ejbron:
    U.G. Kempenaer zegt:
    17 augustus 2014 om 11:49
    De 5e colonne is onder ons, wordt gesteund door linkse landverraders en hun propaganda kranten en televisiezenders, parasiteert nog een paar jaar door op de werkende autochtonen, fokken door als ratten en als ze met genoeg zijn dan gaan ze de autochtone Nederlanders op ISIS-achtige wijze vermoorden. Allemaal. En het gehersenspoelde volk staat erbij, kijkt er naar en doet helemaal niets. De islam is kanker. Een doctrine nog verderfelijker dan het nationaal-socialisme. De enige oplossing is samen met Rusland, China, India en de overige Europese landen die nog niet te zeer aangetast zijn door de linkse anti-autochtonen-haatleer, de islam met wortel en tak uit te roeien. De enige manier om te voorkomen dat de moslims alle ongelovigen afslachten.

    Vertel dit maar tegen al uw familieleden, kennissen, vrienden en collega’s. En zeg dat ze gewaarschuwd zijn.

    reprinted with permission


  4. Nasr says:

    [[Wherever Muslims encounter non-Muslims that is how they treat them. No exceptions, in 1400 years of Muslem history. ]]

    Not true. Jews invited prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to lead their town as he fulfill the prophecy in Isaiah 41 & 42. Read “Constitution of Medina” on how all religions were treated under the leadership of the prophet. And later, we saw the conquest of Mecca was achieved triumphantly bloodless. Thus fulfilling the prophecy in Isaiah 42 and the Arabs travel world wide to preach about Law submitting to One God.

    zero compulsion towards non muslim regions in the past when they encounter regions like India, China and Eastern part of the world. Those lands receive Islam that came vide traders and sailors. Trades and sailors do not commit war on non-muslims. The only regions that had war with Islam are those from roman empires that try to win back Jerusalem. Even Mongols began to accept Islam after conquering Islamic provinces. Due to truth in teaching of Islam.

    [[On that day, the Caliphate will be established, the Mahdi (their messiah-figure) will come to lead it and all Islam to complete world domination, a time of peace and prosperity.]]

    World domination? The prophecy mentioned Islam being reduced to 1/3 in strength, then will appear Mahdi and prophet Jesus (pbuh). After they defeat anti-christ in Israel. Islam will cease to exist after certain period. All that left are non-believers, and the end of times reaches upon the universe.

    This has nothing to do with ISIS since their name mention only about ruling Iraq and Syria.


    • jitskesez says:

      The description of the Mahdi matches precisely the Bible’s description of the Antichrist. The actions of ISIS (beheading people who won’t bow down to Islam’s idol, allah) match precisely the Bible’s description of the Antichrist system. Mohammed matches precisely the Bible’s prediction of THE false prophet with his satanic demonic religion that is a lie from the beginning.

      Islam = The Antichrist. ISIS must be exterminated; anyone who supports it must be expelled to ISIS, all Muslims in the West belong on a terrorist watch list.

      Also ISIS means to rule the world, since that is what Islam has as goal. Please remember this is the West, you’re dealing with intelligent, literate people who see right through Islam’s many many lies about its true intent and purpose. We can read.


      • Someone says:

        Give me proof that shows that Islam is bad. Prove it, boy. Legitimate proof.
        Oh, and you describing your last statement: “Please remember this is the West, you’re dealing with intelligent, literate people” shows that you have a purpose to show? What do you mean? That Arabs are stupid, illiterate people? If so, I feel sorry for your stupidity.


      • jitskesez says:

        How stupid are Muslims? In a time when ISIS shows the world how evil Islam is, a Muslim comes on a site that shows and describes how evil and Satanic ISIS is, and asks, Prove to me that Islam is bad.

        It would be funny if you weren’t so criminally insane.


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