Michael Moore: Obama First Black President, ‘And That’s It’

Michael Moore: Obama First Black President, ‘And That’s It’.

Liberal documentary filmmaker and iconoclast Michael Moore – who’s been tough on President Barack Obama in the past — eviscerates him in a new video interview, saying he’ll be remembered as the first black president — and “that’s it.”

Moore unloaded while talking with The Hollywood Reporter at the Toronto Film Festival, where Moore helped celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Roger & Me,” the award-winning movie that chronicles his attempts to connect with General Motors chairman Roger Smith to discuss GM layoffs in Flint, Mich.

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jitskesez: Michael, you’re only half-way right. He’ll be remembered for supporting terrorists against Assad and having same terrorists become ISIS, and not really doing anything about them. And really, he came way too late to save Detroit, it was a goner when Reagan took over, Flint was just the first victim, and I think you knew it.

True anecdote. In 1981 my (now ex) husband and I were about to move back to the US, and since this happened while he was in the military, we were allowed to purchase a car tax-free. Because the press had been full of how American car companies were going bankrupt, and hubby’s father and brother were employed in the midwest auto industry (tires for the automakers), and he was in the military anyway so how patriotic can you be, we chose to purchase a Ford (Mustang Ghia to be specific), which we picked up in Detroit and drove across the country to Spokane. With two cats in the back seat and only four (4) cassette tapes.

Anyway. The next year the happy news came out that the US car companies were doing better! To celebrate, their CEO’s had treated themselves to a nice big bonus. The chairman of Ford took 80 million, and he was modest compared to what the others took.

Yep, that’s what happens when you reward greed and avarice with great big tax cuts, people just start taking profits and bonuses and don’t give a rip if the company goes bankrupt, every time they announce layoffs the stock bounces up and they get their quarterly bonus.

And what a difference it would have made, also in the current battle against domestic ISIS supporters, if the churches would have spoken up against greed, the worst sin in the Book. And I quote, The lust for money is the root of ALL evil. Emph. mine. But no, only abortion and homosexuality get them all in a tiff with righteousness and preachiness about sin. Blechh.




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