UK historian: Bill Maher is wrong, we can’t blame Islamic State on Islam : Jihad Watch

UK historian: Bill Maher is wrong, we can’t blame Islamic State on Islam : Jihad Watch.

Tim Stanley is the man who argued — with a straight face — that boredom, not Islam, motivated young Muslims from the West who went to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State. In this new piece, he digs deeper. Comments interspersed below:

“Bill Maher is wrong: we can’t blame Isil on Islam,” by Tim Stanley, the Telegraph, September 12, 2014 (thanks to Joeb):

Is Isil Islamic or not? It’s an interesting, obviously sensitive question that I’m not super qualified to answer – and it’s important to display a little intellectual humility when examining something so complex. Bill Maher did not do that when he got into a row with Charlie Rose about the matter – in a clip that is now almost as popular on social media as a kitten falling off a TV set. He made three points that seem to form the crux of the “Islam is the problem” argument:

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jitskesez: It is an outrage that people who have no knowledge of the Koran or the bloody history of Islam, get to write and comment on the issue. And thank you again so much Bill Maher for showing the Left what happens when you THINK.


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