SYRIANS WANT TO KNOW: “Can Barack Hussein Obama explain what a ‘moderate’ terrorist is?” | BARE NAKED ISLAM

SYRIANS WANT TO KNOW: “Can Barack Hussein Obama explain what a ‘moderate’ terrorist is?” | BARE NAKED ISLAM.

Hussein Obama explain what a ‘moderate’ terrorist is?”

From the website, Friends of Syria: “Obama likes to call the Free Syrian Army (FSA) ‘moderate.’ But just like ISIS, members of the FSA have been raping, beheading, and butchering innocent civilians of all religions in Syria.”


According to Friends of Syria, the US Government is committing crimes against humanity, on Syrian citizens and then blaming the atrocities on President Bashar Al Assad. The reason? To overthrow the government by claiming that Assad was killing his own people. Fake demonstrations were organized within Syria by the US Ambassador Robert Ford and then the lies started with Obama and Clinton, continually stating that Assad is killing his own people and must go.

John McCain and Joe Biden slipped into Syria secretly with the help of the terrorist group to show their support to the terrorist group. John McCain can also be seen in a meeting with a leader of ISIS, while they were still known as FSA, which proves that FSA are now ISIS. See Beheadings in Syria not done by ISIS


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jitskesez: I remember getting the HuffPo feed and catching some of the NOS news on TV here while Syrians were getting massacred by invading terrorists, joined by jihadis from all over plus women for sex jihad, and getting told, these were “Syrian rebels” fighting evil bad Assad who’d taken to suddenly massacring his own citizens for no good reason. You had to listen to the untranslated audio to catch “Al Queda” for what the “rebels” called each other. It was all part of the great Arab Spring: uprising (“democracy”) in Libya, uprising ( “democracy”) in Egypt, and then of course one in Syria. Except there was internet and the people refused to back their governments in an all out backing of a terrorist overthrow of Assad. Still, the funding of the terrorists continued and what did they do? Found ISIS, that’s what.

Now what does Obama do?

Well nothing much. No troops on the ground. Nope, 3000 American soldiers are being sent to where Ebola is raging. Those boys and girls must be mighty surprised that they signed up to fight for their country or at least in a war of some sort, and are now ordered to “fight” one of the worst plagues in recent history by going to expose themselves to it. ??


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