Pakistani academic known for liberal views on Islam and accused of blasphemy shot dead : Jihad Watch

Pakistani academic known for liberal views on Islam and accused of blasphemy shot dead : Jihad Watch.

Sep 19, 2014 at 12:52pm blasphemyPakistan 0 Comments

fatwa-shakeel-auj-murder-karachi-islamic-studies-ku-pakistan_9-18-2014_160137_lHere is yet another example of why we don’t see more genuine Muslim reformers. Shakil Auj’s crime was saying that non-Muslim men should be able to marry Muslim women — a challenge to the supremacist Islamic law that endeavors to ensure that Muslim communities will always be growing and non-Muslim communities will always be in decline. For that, he is dead. And if he had lived in the U.S., of course, he would long ago have been dismissed as a “hatemonger” and a “bigot.”

“Pakistani academic accused of blasphemy shot dead in Karachi,” by Andrew Buncombe, theIndependent, September 19, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A Pakistani academic known for promoting liberal views on Islam has been shot dead by gunmen – two years after being accused of committing blasphemy in a speech he made in the US.

Dr Muhammad Shakil Auj, Dean of the faculty of Islamic Studies at the University of Karachi, was attacked by two gunmen on a motorbike as he was making his way in his car to a function at the city’s Iranian cultural centre. A junior teaching colleague was also hit and suffered an injury to her arm.

“A bullet pierced through his head, proving fatal,” senior police officer Pir Mohammad Shah told the Associated Press. “We are investigating the killing. It would be premature to state the motive at the moment.”

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jitskesez: It is just hard to believe, that so many Westerners STILL don’t see how evil Islam is.


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