ISLAM, SEX SLAVES, BEHEADINGS: Muhammed Would Be Proud! |

ISLAM, SEX SLAVES, BEHEADINGS: Muhammed Would Be Proud! |.


We in the West have been lied to. Our leaders, out of either political expediency or cowardice…have sold us a bill of goods. We have heard…and continue to hear ad nauseam, that the savage beheadings and underage rapes committed by devout Mohammedans have NOTHING to do with Islam.

But the funny thing is…according to the experts, in antithesis to the current rhetoric: Sex slaves & beheadings are INDEED Islamic, and it would thrill Muhammed that his followers continue his paradigm.

The first words that emanate from the lips of Western leaders following a savage beheading or the “discovery” that more young girls have been kidnapped/sexually abused by Muslims, is: These actions have nothing to do with Islam.

Au contraire

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Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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