Wild Bill for America — Youtube

h/t BarenakedIslam





About cassandrasez

Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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2 Responses to Wild Bill for America — Youtube

  1. jitskesez says:

    When I lived in the USA I visited the Coeur d’Alene mission — Jesuits came and brought the gospel, the tribe built a lovely chapel with stars painted on the ceiling, and learned to breed and trade horses.
    You know, rather than chop their heads off and rape their wives then sell them for sex slaves, Islam’s way of taking over native populations.


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