Listen to EU / UN Rep Margot Wallström LAUGH at Swedish victims of Muslim rape

And the solution is so simple. Just make assistance of any kind, only available after five years of legal residency of which minimally two have been spent working. Asylum seekers are put in barracks with males and females separate so no breeding takes place, for a maximum of six months for the processing of their application, and sent back to await the outcome if longer than six months, to make room for new asylum seekers. Any pregnancy during the application process will void it.
And, of course, we could also treat Muslims here like they treat non-muslims in their countries. Special tax for everything, lawful discrimination, including being subject to random violence without being able to do a thing about it.

The Muslim Issue

African Muslim immigrants in Norway find nothing wrong with rape. EU reps like Margot Wallström deny the problems exist in Europe, or even her own country Sweden where rape is only second to Nigeria due to immigration policies she and others like her support and create:

African Muslim immigrant: … because we from Africa we don’t like to talk to Norwegian boys but we like Norwegian women. As we come from Senegal we like the Norwegian women because in African culture we respect the women but not men.

Norwegian Journalist:
You respect the women? But some of the Norwegian boys just said the [Africans/Muslims] attack [rape] the Norwegian women?

African Muslim:
Ahh…yeah, sometimes this happens. We attack [rape] when we drink too much. Then we have to attack [rape] but if we don’t drink we don’t attack [rape] them. We respect them.

Norwegian Journalist:
Ok… but when [you] are touching…

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