Scientists Believe Sex Evolved into Existence 385 Million Years Ago | eCanadaNow

Scientists Believe Sex Evolved into Existence 385 Million Years Ago | eCanadaNow.

jitskesez: Pure fantasy and speculation without one shred of evidence. It almost reads like a satire of a scientific article.

For the information of people unfamiliar with science: What scientists *believe* is irrelevant. Only what they can *demonstrate* and *prove* is relevant. If something is successful at reproduction, WHY would it “evolve” another way? Have you ever seen any species respond to environmental pressure or change or natural selection, by “evolving” anything — a new limb or organ? I only see them go extinct, unless Greenpeace or some other environmental group or preservation society steps in.

All students should learn Statistics just as soon as they know their tables. Then when someone tries to tell them, We are scientists and we believe it’s possible for a species to become another species by pure chance, they could answer, You can’t possibly be scientists, because given the complexity and composition of DNA and how it works, what you are proposing is statistically not possible, and if you were any kind of scientist, you’d know that. DNA itself isn’t even possible by chance.

And yes I the digibeet took Statistics (okay *applied* Statistics in the English department, still it involved real math) and aced it.

If I told you to go to Ugulstan and blar me a mogla there, you’d stare at me blankly. Where is Ugulstan, what is blar, what is a mogla? You would have no idea where to go and what to do or what to look for, to do whatever with. All steps you take might be the right ones, but it’s very unlikely, especially the longer you go, to have to make the right steps to finally get there. Then, given *huge* favorable odds just to get to Ugulstan taking thousands of right steps in a row, how on earth will you know what a mogla is? And until you know, there IS no right step to take, because there is no end goal, for any amount of right steps, to lead to. This makes the “blar” part moot.

So, now you’re a dinosaur, B.C. (Before Comet) and in 65 million years, you need to live in trees (Ugulstan) and know how to fly to catch food to eat (blar a mogla). Your DNA isn’t even possessed of brains — how shall it know to start taking steps toward the sky, where does it find the idea of wings? And that’s just the beginning of unknowns.

But, never mind, comet came, you’re extinct, the end. Sh*t happens, that’s what Statistics are all about; and they refute Evolution no matter which of their proposals you subject to them. That’s what’s so nice about science: cold, hard numbers, and not what people believe.

Also, this constant drilling of “millions of years ago” completely bypasses known facts of species reproduction. Which is exponential therefore fast. The human race has gone from three billion to more than six billion in my lifetime! If people quit hunting deer they’d be overrunning the forests; if you don’t weed your garden a lot, it will grow over with them in less than one Summer. All the dandelions in the USA really did start only a few hundred years ago with the import of a few dandelions from Europe, as a food source. All the Buffalo now roaming the prairies of the US are a herd less than 100 years old, and already their numbers in some places are reaching those of before they were hunted to extinction, to chase the Native and lay the rails to open the West.

Mother Nature is fertile and prolific. Look how many seed pods the trees have, how many eggs spiders lay. Or birds for that matter, usually four per nest. When it’s a pest that’s multiplying we speak of an infestation, one day it’s okay, the next your crop is wilting under whatever it is. Forestry and Fish officials can tell you hoary stories of invasions of foreign species (especially if they are Australian) that were out of control in just decades. The Killer Bee advanced from Brazil to the US in about fifty years. And on and on.

So this or that species started “millions of years ago”? Humans “hundreds of thousands” of years ago (some say 2 million)? I don’t think the planet is big enough, to host all the offspring of everything, if that were true. Several species including our own in some places, are already facing food and habitat shortages and even extinction because of it. Others have been removed by aggressive invading species, not only humans cutting down forests, but also parasites and viruses. This can’t possibly have started much more than thousands of years ago — but Evolutionists apparently have not only skipped Statistics, they skipped their multiplication tables, even the simple “two times …. is ….”

Speaking of. I think this is one of the 1001 Nights stories; it is ancient, in any case. Also I forgot what the man to be paid had done, but it was something really grand and the Emperor asked him, what his pay should be. And he said, Take a chess board; put one grain on the first square, two on the next, four on the next, eight on the next, and so on; that is how much grain I want.

And there was no one in the empire who could calculate the final sum, and no amount of grain to pay it.

Applying this problem to humans with an average generation of 40 years — 40 times 48 (the number of squares on a chess board) is less than 2000 years, to make of two humans with four children per generation, an incalculably high number (yeah okay in our day with computers we can actually find out). War and disease and famine have kept us in check but we’re growing exponentially anyway, doubling each generation.

Sigh. Scientists should really observe known facts and Biology instead of selling tales that begin, “A long, long, long time ago……”

Oh and also. When someone comes to you and says, “I’m a good christian” what should your first action be? Check to see if your wallet is still there, is what. People should be similarly suspicious if someone has to announce they’re a scientist, before they say something. For that’s only a matter of mentioning, if it’s preceded by “Nobel prize -winning.” As in, Crick and Watson, the Nobel-prize winning scientists who discovered the structure of DNA, announced it could not possibly have evolved by chance, with Francis Crick becoming an active Intelligent Design proponent. Only he thought it was aliens. Then again, God is an Extraterrestrial too.




















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