Muslim Mosque Forced to Marry Gay Couple or Imam Will Face Fines and Prison!

Muslim Mosque Forced to Marry Gay Couple or Imam Will Face Fines and Prison!.

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Okay, let me know when you are done laughing… I’m sure many of you saw the headline and jumped into this story with the excitement of reading about the muslimes getting their ass handed to them for discriminating against gays like your Christian brethren do… LOL… Come on… Get serious!

Surely by now those of you paying attention have figured out that as long as the head of the Muslime Brotherhood is in charge of the highest government office in America, that this is just NOT going to happen!

I would love to see an entire community of gays line up outside a mosque in a State where gay marriage is legal and demand the muslime church marry them. My guess is the Imam Eric Holder would turn his back on any claims of discrimination and find some means of defending their right not to marry gays.

On a more serious note, if you can find your way to something serious after considering the above, the whole issue of a church, or pastor refusing to marry gays is bogus! A pastor who refuses to marry a gay couple is not being discriminatory in the same way a pastor who might refuse to marry a black couple would be. The pastor is merely asserting his religious freedom and adhering to his clearly and well-defined closely held religious beliefs.

We make exceptions all the time for people’s closely held religious beliefs and do not align them with someone being racist or discriminatory. There is no question that the Christian Bible clearly addresses the subject of homosexuality and a pastor that has devoted his life to following the principles outlined in the Bible, should not be forced to go against them.

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