Muslim Leaders Promise World Takeover — Youtube

jitskesez comment:

As my info will inform you, I used to live in Spokane. Except for missing the wonderful climate and scenery and nearby wilderness, I am glad I no longer live there — it just isn’t possible to make a decent living there, it’s downtrodden, it wasn’t much when times were good (Clinton, 8 years of peace and prosperity and Republicans haven’t forgiven him yet); and then it crashed along with whole states in late Summer 2001, the Bush crash. Spokane’s newspaper, always staunchly Republican, comforted us with that it was bad, but not as bad as the Reagan years. Yeah, thanks, we were 20 years younger then and had the possibility to go to college and work our way up and we did that and paid off the student loans even and there we were, bankrupt. No job, no income. No way to scratch up even the mortgage cleaning houses or babysitting; all we could do was pack our bags and move back to the Netherlands, where I could get a job teaching and there would also be a demand for my husband’s computer skills.

So that worked out, sort of, but that’s not the subject — Spokane is. I had occasion to be reminded of life there recently, while listening to some end-times Youtube with Avi Lipkin on Islam, I believe it was the Hagmann radio program. They had call-ins at the end, and one of them was from Spokane. It was almost funny how he described it exactly like I left it — only worse! Because in my time they had quite the ICT business and assembly plants and they’re all gone. Bush wrecked California (well Ken Lay of Enron did but Bush enabled him) which wrecked the software industry, everything just tumbled.

So anyway. Spokane, like I left it, only worse — one must want to live there, and once in, it’s hard to get out especially if you end up poor. It’s not much of a tourist spot, it’s more a stop before you go through to Seattle or the other way, into Idaho. I doubt whether any foreign country advertising trips to the United States features even a page in any brochure on Spokane. Most people don’t know where it is and can’t pronounce it either (it’s Spo- kahn). Just your average big city, not doing as poorly as, say Detroit, kind of rural and spread out, up there in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Well in a pit among them actually, but except for the occasional air inversion episodes, that makes it appear rather cozy and scenic when approached from the West.

And why was this person calling, well, first of all because of suspicious airplane activity, but second to report, that he was seeing more and more Muslims in town. He’d only lived there 8 years (which would be shorter than I’ve been away) and said there weren’t any when I came here and now I see them all the time.

And I heard that from people in Boston.

And I heard that from people in Portland, Oregon.

And I heard that form people in Eugene, Oregon.

And I thought, okay they’re big port cities so yes they’re targets for immigration. But now I heard it from Spokane. What the hell are Moslims doing in Spokane, will someone please ask them that and don’t take “we’re refugees seeking opportunity” bullshit for an answer either. For Spokane is NOT the place to come to if you seek economic opportunity, there is none. And there are many many stops between your hellhole you’re fleeing from, and Spokane, Washington, USA, a place where even regular born Americans have a hard time surviving. When we left it was also the Meth Capital, there were near-daily meth lab busts. People are not just poor they’re desperately poor. They’re Wall-Marted, there is hardly any local economy.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you, when Muslims come in force — as if overnight, and in noticeable numbers — to Spokane, something is wrong. It’s wrong anyway that they come in force anywhere, but to come to this scenic dump of a city, is like having let someone into your house to make a phone call and they go straight for your bedroom to steal your jewelry. Time to call 911, you have a case of unlawful entry with intent to rob. This is a dead giveaway they are up to no good. There is no reason at all for any Muslim to be in Spokane, at all, let alone thousands of them. No real reason, that is. Again, as a choice of places to flee to from a hellhole, it’s so distant from Muslim countries and so “hidden” from public knowledge, how did they find it and why on earth did they choose it and not the many better choices on the way? Ah, but they are there, too.

Being in Spokane means, they really, really ARE on migration Jihad. America is being invaded, just as surely as my country and France and Britain and Norway and Denmark and Sweden. Watch for Spokane’s missing child and rape cases to go through the roof, with robbery and vandalism and arson, as well. They’ll make demands on schools and work places to force their religion on them. They will breed the local population out, hog assistance and social programs. Sue and sue and sue, to get all their demands for special treatment and special services and special food. And then complain how the reason they’re so criminal is because you made them feel unwelcome and were so “racist”.

Spokanites. For the first time in my life, and only recently, I am all in favor of Americans owning a lot of guns. Because I sit here in Holland and have friends on FB in France and Britain and we feel quite powerless not having any way to defend ourselves, with the police and government and increasingly, the law, on the side of the Muslims and not of we, the people. So this makes me think, well if it were America at least I could get some friends and ex-military together and make us some plans. For we are at war and you, Americans, have guns and you are being invaded by people who look like ordinary citizens, but whose covered women are the vanguard and flag of an army that means to do to you what ISIS does. They are in America. In the midst of your cities, right in your face. Daring you to do something about it. Will you?

Let the words of Pamela Geller sink in, after watching this video and thinking, but, but, *in Spokane* what the hell — “If people say they are going to kill you, BELIEVE THEM.” And read the Koran for yourself and watch ISIS put it in practice, watch Muslims *everywhere* make good on this major promise of Islam: Be our abject slaves or we will kill you. They aren’t “a few extremists” they’re all in it together, egged on by fanatics, speaking one message with one mouth: All must submit, or die. A Muslima with head cover can safely be labelled an ISIS supporter and certainly her husband is. She’s the vanguard, she’s put out with the children so you don’t suspect anything. But she and all the children she can possibly have, are there to enslave and kill you and for no other reason. Their leaders declare it, their scriptures declare it, their prophet orders it and did it himself.

And if it weren’t true, the only Muslim Spokane would ever see would be a foreign patient treated in one of its hospitals or clinics. There is nothing there that would attract any Muslim except the idea of conquering it for Allah. And they’re at it.


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Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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One Response to Muslim Leaders Promise World Takeover — Youtube

  1. jitskesez says:

    Hm, come to think of it, there were Muslims in Spokane in my day. Just not visible; in fact that was the point, they were in hiding. This was 1987/8, during the Reagan regime, and Gonzaga University was part of a network the CIA used, to hide Taliban. I had one in my class, he attempted to convert me to Islam. Also most area universities had a few dozen Arab rich boys whose monthly allowance was more than my annual salary, and they’d show off around town.
    But this is different, and other Avi Lipkin youtubes will inform you, they’re importing Muslims by the busload, as also they are doing here, letting in 5000 per week and forcing us to foot the bill to house and feed them or stand accused of human rights violations.


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