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European Defence League Press Release 06-11-14
The European Defence League are pleased to announce to the press and to the general public that, after many months of private meetings and conferences, they have agreed upon and developed a cohesive working relationship between all major European defence Leagues and other anti-islamic groups.
The said agreement involves close co-operation and inter Defence League dialogue with the aims and ambitions to spread further the message that islam and its backward ideology is detrimental to our modern European society.
This year the Finnish Defence League holds the position of Chairmanship which has been voted for and ratified by all members.
Other Defence Leagues have been allocated tasks and have agreed to offer personnel who are charged with various tasks and positions relating to the administration of the collective known as “European Defence League”.
We look forward to a positive and productive coalition.

Our Aim:
The European Defence League is a non-violent protest group comprising Defence Leagues from Europe which adhere to and agree with the terms and conditions of the original English Defence League mission statement.
Each individual European Defence League works independently of the main group but adheres to the principals and mission statement of the whole.
The European Defence League does not condone violence or illegal acts against any persons.
The European Defence League opposes the continued immigration of muslims and the Islamic doctrine into European society and the elevated position islam is given in our modern and forward thinking culture.
The European Defence League strives to educate and inform the public regarding the elevated status of islam and its impact on western society in general.
The European Defence League opposes the continuation and further building of mosques in Europe that preach hatred and bigotry against other religions and mosques that condone the destruction of our societies and religious systems.
The European Defence Leagues aim is purely to waken and educate individuals and allow them to develop an informed and educated opinion regarding islam and its negative impact on western society.
Please note: All European Defence Leagues are autonomous. Although the English Defence League was the inspiration and catalyst which motivated the European Defence Leagues it must be noted that the EDL has no administrative authority over any European Defence League.
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