To appease local residents virulently opposed to a proposed mosque, Muslims in Wheatfield, NY claim the building they are turning into an ‘Islamic Cultural Center’ will NOT be a mosque. (And if you believe that, I have a big bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you)

ORIGINAL STORY/VIDEO: upstate-new-york-town-angry-and-fearful-over-proposed-islamic-indoctrination-center


WIVB  The new owner of Suzanne’s Fine Dining in the Town of Wheatfield said there’s nothing to fear. The former restaurant will not be turned into a Mosque.(It isn’t the mosque they’re afraid of, it’s the people who use it)

Dr. Mohammad Agwa said after purchasing the building for $666,000, his first thought was turning the building into an Islamic cultural center, a place for safe Islamic learning (you mean the kind of Islamic learning they do at mosques?).But Agwa was met with hate calls. So he hosted an open meeting for the public to voice concerns.

Mohammad Agwa

“We all have fears from the other especially if this other is unknown, and for them, we’re the unknown,” Rupie Ghazal of the Islamic Center of Niagara said. “They don’t know much about us and this is why we wanted to have this open house. We wanted to introduce who we are.” (Oh, they know you all right, that’s why they don’t want you anywhere near their neighborhood)

Agwa said he wants to host classes — which will be open to anyone — which teach Arabic and tolerance (Tolerance – from the most intolerant people on earth?). He brings his experience as a professor at Niagara University. He defended the decision to buy the building.

Owners Suzanne and Kevin Guenther, the scum who sold the restaurant to the enemy

“All of us do the same duties and all of us have the same rights,” he said. “We pay taxes and we go to school, and all of us are working for the welfare and dignity of the State.” (With the goal of driving out the non-Muslims by driving down property values, because of the presence of the mosque)

But underlying nervousness plagued the crowd. Nobody addressed fears of violence directly, but they were eluded to.

And selling out to Muslims is the way you thank your loyal customers?

“But if they’re good people I extend my hand to them,” Reverend Bob Heisner said. “If they’ve got a good work ethic and they care about them and they discipline their children, wake up America, that’s what we used to do.” (Hey Rev. Bob, you need to be locked up)


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