Woe to the Rich!!!

Woe to the Rich!!!

by jitskesez

When Jesus and his disciples/apostles walked this Earth, they did so in the Roman/Greek empire. That is, an environment full of sordid sexuality, including legal pedophilia, including legal and sometimes even obligatory homosexuality, including child and homosexual prostitution and established social rituals including this, and them.

Now, count the number of times where He, or any Apostle in the book of Acts (ie. not writing to Christians specifically as in their Epistles), walks up to any of them – homosexuals, those who practice pedophilia, prostitutes including those who knew how to be rid of an unwanted pregnancy, done with herbs in the olden days – and tells them, God thinks it’s an abomination! Stop that! Homosexuality and abortion are wrong! God judges Israel because you walk around unpunished! I judge thee! Get away from me you are NOT getting into the Kingdom!

Done counting? Should be fast; there aren’t any. John 3:16 God so loved the world, is not followed by, comma, except homosexuals and women who’ve had abortions. In fact, if you read the gospels, you find prostitutes etc., even those “who have sinned greatly” like Mary Magdalene weeping over the feet of Jesus, among his followers. Of course, once they were his followers they didn’t do that any longer; insofar as they did, they were put straight on that in the epistles to the Corinthians, who asked questions about it. Note well: it does NOT say that if they persist, they won’t enter the Kingdom. It says they won’t *inherit* it – there is a difference between living somewhere, and owning it. But they’re in; Jesus also announced against certain Pharisees, prostitutes will precede you into the Kingdom.

Which brings us to the point: Why was Jesus so upset with these Pharisees, and what is the main subject of tirades/condemnation in the world, according to Him and the Apostles? To whom did they directly announce, You are condemned, Woe to you, God hates you, Hell awaits you? *To the RICH* is to whom.

Mammon (aka. The Almighty Buck) is an idol. It’s either God OR Mammon. A rich man, to have any hope of entering, must get rid of ALL his money. Religion (with as example the Pharisees) teaches instead, that if you give money to good causes, and some money to the poor to get a nice tax deduction, that this counts – give money to the church and boy God Bless You!! Thereby bowing to Mammon, themselves.

Which is the reason you never hear a sermon against them. Or a public uncooth word about any of them. The Fortune 500, the makers and shakers at the top raking in millions and billions – the Rothschilds, the EU top, the US and EU business elites, billionnaire Arab sheiks – never ever are they faced with the kinds of things that women seeking an abortion, or gay couples seeking legal protections afforded to them by marriage only, must face. Outrage, condemnation, support of those who fight them, even if they do them harm or kill them. As if they were personally appointed and had full scripture authority to condemn homosexuals, which they weren’t and don’t, see Matthew 7:1, and as if protesting homosexuality and abortion will accomplish anything. It still won’t be a better world, and nobody gets saved from not having an abortion or not being homosexual.

But it’s, Woe to the rich! Greed, the lust for money, is the root of *all* evil! That would include abortion and homosexuality and whatever else evil there is, what don’t people understand about “all”? And where is the logic or point, of battling symptoms and refusing to attack the root?

The Lord nor his Apostles, didn’t ignore it, it was, as has been said, one of his main points. It even shows up in the parable of the Sower, where “the cares of this world and the pursuit of it” are the weeds that choke the seed. James 5:1-6 are more than clear and give detail. Money makes them godless, and makes them steal from the poor, who have to go to court to get their money and then still don’t get it. What better text to preach on, as governments all over steal Pensioners’ money to fill budget gaps caused by unadulterated greed from Banks and Business and their enabling government shills and cronies.

Instead of being true and courageous, like the prophets, like the Lord, like his Apostles, and speak out against the rich and their greed – point fingers, name names, to give them hell – they go as a spear after homosexuals (ie, weak men in a minority) and desperate poor* pregnant women. Well, bully for them.

*Rich women will always have access to safe, private abortions.


About cassandrasez

Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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