French racism: Town hall demands removal of Christmas nativity crib on ‘principle of secularism’

Well they did ban the Burqa. But yes, also in other countries I have noticed, they were all too eager to ban everything christian from schools and public life, but allow Islam all privileges to occupy every aspect of our lives and say nothing.

The Muslim Issue

The French, who have imported Muslims into Europe by forcing the Euro-Arab “collaboration” down everyone’s throat, is racist against all religions – except Islam. When was Muslim prayer occupation of streets in Paris against secularism? The hate preaching, the Islamic symbols, the halal, the indoctrination, the threats, the murder of Jews, the constant expansion of mosques and force of Islam on society – when did they recognize that as acts against secularism?

The should be dragged to the human rights courts.


Far-right mayor refuses to remove nativity sceneA far-right mayor has been told to remove Baby Jesus from the Town Hall. Photo: Marco/Flickr

Far-right mayor refuses to remove nativity scene

Published: 05 Dec 2014
A far-right French mayor, supported by the National Front, is sticking to his guns by refusing to take down the Christmas crib in the town hall, despite being warned it’s against the country’s principle of secularism.

Robert Ménard, who is…

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