Muslim tries to frame British ex-wife for ‘infidelity’ Sharia punishment in UAE

In India they call it, Love jihad. Fathers and brothers and even distant male relatives or plain decent good boys — PLEASE protect our girls against these predators. Guard them, if they start hanging out with moslims show them any youtube about the real Islam!

The Muslim Issue

These women who hook up with Muslims are complete nutcases. We lost count of the number of women we have tried to persuade not to hook up with Muslims. Muslim men are truly, truly the epitome of evil. If you have the bad luck of hooking up with a Muslim male and are confused what to do, then pressure him to convert before going any further. If he stalls, that should be a stark warning and he’s nowhere the “moderate” he pretends to be.

The problem with these Western women is that they’ve lived their entire life in a free society and they simply refuse to understand – no matter how many times you warn them – that large parts of the world is not living under democracy. And they themselves support a brutal society to anyone else, except towards themselves. These crazy females have to learn the hard…

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