European Union is the rebirth of Nazism

From comment section, English Defence League Facebook

Akbar Bin-Mansor European Union is the rebirth of Nazism.

Here is the reason why i believe that European Union is the rebirth of Nazism. My explanation will be focused on what the Nazi wanted to achieve and their treatment against the Jews.

Nazism goal is the same as EU:
Nazism treatment of the Jews is the same as EU.
Nazism partnership with the Arabs is the same as EU.

The corporate preparations for World War II started as early as 1925, when Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other German multinationals formed a cartel called “IG Farben Industry”. The declared goal of this cartel was to obtain control of the global markets in the key industrial sectors of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. Already in 1925, when this cartel was founded, its corporate value surpassed 11 Billion Reichsmark and it employed more than 80,000 people.

In 1957 the same “blood and honor” lawyer became the key architect of the European Union’s basic structure and the first head of the “European Commission” – the executive body of the EU designed from the beginning to rule Europe outside any democratic control.

Nazi regime planned to united the whole European Nation under one umbrella, today The Europeans has united under one umbrella. EU cooperate economically, Immigration, and standing with Arabs who vows to wipe Israel off from the Map exactly how Adolf Hitler stood with the Arabs during the Jews Holocaust, Adolf Hitler had meeting with the late Grand mufti of Jerusalem ”Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini”.

European Union vote to remove Hamas Islamic Terrorist Group from Terrorist list and vote to support Palestinian and also vote to Boycott Israel. removing Hamas from the Terrorist list will give the European Union a legitimate power to arm and supply Weapons to the Hamas to destroy Israel with the EU Supports as they has voted. It’s exactly what Hitler did, Hitler welcomed Anti-Israel Palestinian Arab nationalist a Muslim leader in Mandatory Palestine who vows to end the existence of the Jews, Meeting between the Adolf Hitler Cabinets and Haj Mohammed Effendi Amin el-Husseini was the beginning of birth pains of the JEWS,. After the meeting between the Nazi regime and Grand mufti of Jerusalem, Hitler learn that the Jews should be killed for the Arabs to live, this meeting resulted to the Jews Holocaust where over 6 Million Jews was killed to please the Arab Nationalist.

We have seen Anti-Israel/Jews becoming worst in Europe more than as it was during the Nazi Regime. We have seen hatred teaching against the Jews in European, US and Canada Campuses. We have see Campaigns to Boycott Israel.

As a direct result of the influence of these interests, the decisions of the European Parliament have little, if any, influence on the laws and on the so-called “EU directives” imposed by the “EU Commission” on the lives of 400 million people in Europe .

At the same time, the elections for the European Parliament are little more than a masquerade, deceiving the people of Europe by portraying the EU structure as a democratic system.

The basis of any democracy is the power of the people. If the executive power is no longer controlled by the will of the people, democracy turns into a dictatorship.

My message to the Europeans:
If Israel fall, Europe will be the next, Nothing will stop or change it, It’s exactly what the Arabs want, to replace Western Democracy with Islamic Sharia law, Moreover there is many Islamic Sharia Court in Britain, France, Sweden, Norway and other places in Europe.
Moreover Islamic Conquest had tried so many times to take over Europe in the past, they conquered and ruled Europe before and later failed, But as they’re planning to takeover the World, the Muslims have already infiltrated so much into Western Politics , occupied Parliamentary Seats, Controlling So many Schools run by their basic principles, Building Mosques in every street corners but refuse to assimilate and integrate.

My European friends, Just get ready to reap what you sow, this is the end of Democracy and Freedom in the West, the War is coming Close to the West, It’s not yet War with Bombs and exchange of Gun Fire, It’s Just a War between Democracy vs Islamization and the Islamization is Winning so far.


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