[Watch] Judge Jeanine “Christians Under Attack” Investigating The Islamic Jihad Against Christians | RICKWELLS.US

[Watch] Judge Jeanine “Christians Under Attack” Investigating The Islamic Jihad Against Christians | RICKWELLS.US.

Judge Jeanine files a special report “Christians Under Attack,” which focuses on the global assault on Christians, particularly in the Middle East. Judge Pirro notes how what has traditionally been one of the happiest times of the year is now falling victim to the onslaught of Islamic terrorism and religious genocide.

She notes how the territorial gains made by Islamic terrorists translate directly into tyranny against Christians and that tyranny will eventually find its way to our shores.

To illustrate her point, Judge Jeanine notes how a two thousand-year-old church in the Iraqi city of Mosul, one of the oldest in the world, is now a mosque. Under the scourge of ISIS, the church has relocated to a make-shift tent in a refugee camp.

She notes how the Jews of the Middle East have already been slaughtered or forced to flee, leaving them virtually non-existent in much of the Middle East, a fate which may await Christians as well.

Judge Pirro calls out the pope for adopting the “plight” of Central American border crashers in the United States as a cause while ignoring the butchery going on in the Middle East, offering nothing more than a meaningless call for “constructive dialogue” with Muslims.

She notes that a belief that we in the United States are somehow insulated from the violence is naïve.

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