HarperCollins atlas omit Israel from map to please Middle Eastern customers

Psalm 83, so there.

The Muslim Issue

Israel is omitted from HarperCollins atlas because including country would be ‘unacceptable’ to customers

  • Gaza and Jordan are included on the map, but Israel is not labelled
  • Publisher claims the amendment incorporated ‘local preferences’
  • Bishop states the atlas will confirm Israel’s belief that there is hostility towards the country from parts of the Arab world

Publishing giant HarperCollins has been criticised for omitting Israel from an atlas.

The country is not labelled on the map – bought by English-speaking schools in the majority-Muslim Gulf, while Gaza and Jordan are clearly marked.

Collins Bartholomew, the subsidiary of HarperCollins, told The Tablet that including Israel would have been ‘unacceptable’ to their customers in the Gulf and the amendment incorporated ‘local preferences’.

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