Media Refer to Jihadist Smuggling as ‘Refugees’ as Another Cargo Ship Full of Muslims is Found Off Italian Coast

The worst part is, that even if they apply for asylum (supposedly the reason they come here) and are refused (which would be for reasons such as a criminal history, very common esp. in Somalia), the EU strictly forbids us from repatriating them or doing anything else but keep them here, fully housed and fed. The EU is forcing us to feed and grow the army that will behead us all when they get their chance.

The Muslim Issue

09.1 Jihad is a communal obligation. When enough people perform it to successfully accomplish it, it is no longer obligatory upon others.
The Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law. (Terrorist manual)

0.9.3 Jihad is also (O: personally) obligatory for everyone when the enemy has surrounded the Muslims.
The Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law.

It’s illegal for Muslims to emigrate. Unless they do it for the sake of Allah to spread Islam amongst infidels, or to commit jihad. This kind of immigration is then referred to as al-Hijra.

A second cargo ship without crew has been stopped on its way to Italy. The media mollycoddle them as refugees. This is absolutely NOT ‘poor refugees’. The real victims in Syria are the Christians, of which very few are still alive. There was no Christians at all on…

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