UK COVER-UP? Blurred photos reveal that the bin lorry driver in Glasgow who mowed down dozens of people in the street might be a Muslim | BARE NAKED ISLAM

UK COVER-UP? Blurred photos reveal that the bin lorry driver in Glasgow who mowed down dozens of people in the street might be a Muslim | BARE NAKED ISLAM.

Virtually all the stories about the bin lorry crash in Glasgow that killed 6 and injured many have been scrubbed from the internet…including the one that was posted here at Bare Naked Islam. Mostly what you can find online now are stories about funerals for the dead and tales of injured survivors. The driver’s identity is being hidden intentionally.

Notice in the below photo that was widely circulated in the media, the windows of the bin lorry are covered with white paper:


There is still sporadic coverage of the incident from a few foreign countries like this one from the Times of Malta:

 Six people have died after an out-of-control bin lorry careered through streets packed with Christmas shoppers, knocking down pedestrians “like pinballs”. Witnesses described bodies lying in the road after the tragedy in Glasgow city centre which is being treated by authorities as a major incident. Police Scotland said six people had been killed and seven people had been seriously injured. 

Photos of the dead

Witness Melanie Greg said the lorry travelled 150 yards along the pavement before crashing in George Square. She told Sky News: “The bin lorry just lost control. It went along the pavement, knocking everyone like pinballs. There was a baby in a buggy, and it just continued knocking people down until it ended up in the building. Quite horrific, very scary.

“The only way it stopped was hitting the building. People were trying to run out of the way. But when something was coming out behind them like that, how can they run out of the way?” She added: “There was noise, bangs, screams and everything. It was just horrific.”

Media are focusing only on photos like this one

The identity of the driver will never be revealed. The prevailing story in the media was that the driver was slumped over the steering wheel, apparently suffering a heart attack. After that, talk of an investigation seemed to disappear after just two days, followed by sob stories of the victims and their families.

According to my sources, a blurry photograph (below) was found that shows the driver sitting upright in his seat after the crash, not slumped over as if he had a heart attack, and he is looking out of the bin lorry, grinning. He also appears to have a Middle Eastern appearance with a beard. If what we see is accurate, this was an act of Islamic terrorism.

If anyone has the tools to enhance the photos below so they are clearer, please send them to me:




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