CHARLIE HEBDO JIHADIS ‘KILLED’: French commandos storm business | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

CHARLIE HEBDO JIHADIS ‘KILLED’: French commandos storm business | Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs.


The devout Muslims who slaughtered the editorial staff of Charles Hebdo are dead. The hostage these savages were holding appear to be alive.

“We are ready to die as martyrs.” They got their wish.

CHARLIE HEBDO GUNMEN ‘KILLED’: French commandos storm business unit near Paris airport where two terrorists were holed up as siege comes to a dramatic climax,” Daily Mail, January 9, 2015

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The two Charlie Hebdo gunmen have been killed in a firefight with French special forces, according to reports in France.

The hostage, named as Michel Catalano, who taken by Said Kouachi, 34, and his brother, Cherif, 33, is believed to have been rescued alive.

A few minutes later, several explosions were heard at a second hostage siege in Paris where an accomplice was threatening to kill at least six captives if police stormed the Kouachis.

At least one hostage is believed to have survived that siege, in a kosher supermarket in the east of the capital.

The gunmen, Amedy Coulibay, was reportedly shot dead by police.

Gunfire and explosions had been heard at the first hostage siege after police had surrounded the gunmen at an industrial estate 25 miles from Paris.

The siege reached a bloody climax, with the brothers reportedly ‘coming out fighting’.

They had earlier told police negotiators: ‘We are ready to die as martyrs’.

Mr Catalano’s family were gathered for support at their detached home in the village of Othis as the siege came to an end in Dammartin-en-Goele.

Police were last night stationed outside the property, which has a private swimming pool.

One said: ‘The family are all here. They have come to support Mrs Catalano. They are all gathered together but they are too upset to speak.’

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