COUNTER-JIHAD: BEYOND THE EDL: After Charlie Hebdo, some questions for Leftists & Liberals

COUNTER-JIHAD: BEYOND THE EDL: After Charlie Hebdo, some questions for Leftists & Liberals.

jitskesez: As Bill Maher has observed, they should be the first to hate Islam, because it’s superstition, it’s aggressive, and it oppresses everyone. Weren’t those the reasons they didn’t want Christianity?

How many outrages and terrorist attacks would there need to be before you – and you more innocent and naive Left-Liberal fellow travellers – start to question your own assumptions about Islam and “most Muslims”?

A bombing or massacre every few months in Europe? Every month? Or every week (as inPakistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, parts of India, etc.)?

How many more convicted – as well as unconvicted – British Muslim grooming-gangs are you prepared to rationalise away? How many more Muslim ghettos in the UK will you accept? How many more Saudi-funded mosques and madrasses will you welcome?


To show you exactly how far this Leftist Islamophilia (or unscrupulous opportunism) has actually gone, here are two quotes from the two primary anti-“Islamohobia” organisations working in the UK: Hope Not Hate and the Socialist Workers Party (or Unite Against Fascism as it is sometimes known).

This is what Nick Lowles (Hope Not Hate) said about Charlie Hebdo in 2012:

The so-called ‘Counter-Jihadists’ (real definition ‘Muslim haters’) know full well that an incendiary video, poster, cartoon or burning will create a reaction from extremists across the world. …… Last week there was the Innocence of Muslims video. This week we have a French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, publishing obscene cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Next week we will have Pam Geller’s outrageous “savage” posters…. These Muslim haters…”


(See this Nope, Not Hope link.)


And only yesterday, the SWP (on its website Socialist Worker) doesn’t criticise the Paris killers: it criticises the dead instead.


This is what it says about Charlie Hebdo:


The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a ‘satirical magazine’… it has become a specialist in presenting provocative and racist attacks on Islam…. We should not be fooled into backing a war against Muslims masquerading as a fight for free speech.”


Islam in Europe


What you have to realise – some of you already do – is that whenever the Muslim population reaches a certain (higher) level in a “host country” (i.e., a non-Muslim country), then there is violence. It has happened in southern Thailand, southern Philippines, Nigeria, many parts of West Africa, Burma, Kazakhstan, parts of China, parts of Indonesia, etc. It has also happened throughout the 1,400 years of Islamic history.


So what needs to happen before you socialists or progressives change your tune on Islam and Muslims? Large-scale civil conflict? Civil war? Is that what you’re waiting for?


Perhaps these are rhetorical questions because most of the Leftists I know keep themselves firmly insulated from contradictory positions and ideas (from any “cognitive dissonance”); lest their faith in Leftist/Marxist theology is challenged.


In any case, a minority of Leftists are indeed waiting for mass violence and conflict.


They are praying for such mass violence and conflict (what they call “destabilisation”) in the way they once prayed for mass unemployment. And they do so because, historically, that’s when International Socialists – as well as National Socialists (Nazis) – come into their own:



i) Leftists want people to suffer because suffering brings about what they call “radicalisation”.


ii) Radicalisation will bring about – they hope – revolutionary socialist power.


iii) And (more) political power is the name of the Leftist’s game.



Outside the radical and violent Left, I would also advise people to stop relying on what Muslims say inThe Guardian, on the BBC or at interfaith events. Almost every Muslim I’ve heard speak, spoken to and read about – outside that comfortable little Guardian/BBC/Interfaith fantasy world – believes in jihad; as well as death for apostasy and blasphemy.


So it’s okay being all ostentatiously nice and supremely tolerant about all these things. But what if that niceness and tolerance comes along with stupidity and blind faith?


That deep and profound faith in the essential goodness of Islam and most Muslims is far more dangerous than the threat posed by any genuinely fascist or Nazi group.


Knowledge of Islam?


Leftists, Left-Liberals and even the non-political often simply assume that the critics of Islam are critics (or “bigots”, “racists”, “xenophobes”, etc.) precisely because they’re ignorant of “true Islam” and Muslims.


However, in my experience, the truth is the exact opposite of that. It is Leftists and Islamophiles who usually know next-to-nothing about Islam. Indeed such knowledge isn’t even required of Leftists, according to Marxist theory.


Consequently, how much does the average Leftist actually know about Islam and Muslim history? Probably very little – if anything.


Has the average Leftist or strident anti-”Islamophobe” read the Koran and hadith? What does he know about the imperialist history of Islam before the Crusades? Do he know that the Islamic “Golden Age” ended some 800 years ago and – on some accounts – only lasted less than three hundred years? (And even in that period, there was Islamic imperialism, conquest, persecution, interfaith conflict, massive violence, etc.) Could he name a single well-known (to the West) Muslim philosopher or scientist who existed after the 13th century? Do he know how many tens of millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists died in the endless jihads against India?


Will that Islamic history of violence give Leftists cognitive dissonance and challenge their Leftist theology?


According to Marxism, Islam is a mere “epiphenomenon of [bad] socio-economics conditions”. It’s simply a wheel in a mechanism that has no real function. Instead, it’s all really about socio-economic conditions. More usually, it’s all really about Western capitalism’s role in the Muslim world.


To put it plainly, Leftist theory deems Islam itself to be irrelevant. However, this isn’t to say that no Leftist “theoreticians” have ever studied Islam. (A very small number have.) Though when they have done so, they have simply stressed its “socio-economic and political basis”. (The SWP’s Chris Harman graphically displays this position in this article.)


Thus this Leftist ignorance of Islam is (in most cases) self-willed.


To the average Leftist, his or her grandstanding tolerance of all Muslims, piety about Islam and a blind adherence to Marxist/Leftist theology is far more important than knowledge of Islam.



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