Pamela Geller main site still down; temporary site operational — JihadWatch

Pamela Geller main site still down; temporary site operational.

Pamela Geller 011715It is the worst DDoS attack I have ever seen: Pamela Geller’s website at has been down now for two weeks. Tech experts are still working to get it back to being fully operational, but so far they have had no luck; it seems that the virulence of this attack is far beyond anything any of them have ever dealt with before.

We cannot give the pro-jihad thugs a victory. Pamela Geller — pictured here with one of the big pencils signifying the freedom of speech at her recent Free Speech Rally in Garland, Texas (where we stood against efforts to intimidate Americans into not resisting jihad terror for fear of charges of “Islamophobia”) is one of the foremost defenders of freedom today. What has happened to her website is an unconscionable assault on the freedom of speech and efforts to tell truth about jihad. We should all be deeply grateful for her stand for freedom.

Pamela herself is still writing, covering the global jihad every day here. Be sure to bookmark it and visit it every day until is up and running again. And help hasten that day by contributing to her fund to pay for all this tech work — contribute here.



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