Mad World News[VIDEO] Since Obama Brought It Up, Let’s Compare Jihad To The Crusades

Mad World News[VIDEO] Since Obama Brought It Up, Let’s Compare Jihad To The Crusades.

After President Obama took the floor during Thursday morning’s National Prayer Breakfastand used the opportunity to make excuses for the Islamic State, while simultaneously taking cheap shots at the entire Christian populace, many Christians were left speechless in utter disbelief of his ignorant comments regarding the Crusades.

[VIDEO] So, You Want To Talk About The Crusades? Let's Compare Jihad.

Obama’s comments and the reaction to them have weighed heavily on my mind. After studying and understanding the Crusades, so much information flooded my thoughts that I wanted to scream in retaliation to Obama and those that gobbled up his misinformation as truth.

Hastily, I made an initial social media post and shared it around to my various outlets, where it was well received. In my frustration, I expressed the following, “How can the president stand there with a straight face and fault Christians for The Crusades from the 1100’s when he says so little about the barbaric acts of Islam NOW, you know, during the time he’s suppose to be the leader of the greatest nation in the world, and he does nothing about it. History can’t be rewritten and it shouldn’t be used as an excuse… And while we are on it, you want to talk about The Crusades, you can’t exactly do that without talking about Islam!”

Still, my mind was not at rest, because the status hardly scratched the surface of all the issues that can be had with Obama’s comparison of what ISIS does today to the Crusades. There are so many inaccuracies with that comparison, it is very difficult to articulate them all without writing a multiple volume book on the matter.

For instance, in response to my status, there was discussion of the Roman Catholic Church, who was involved in the Crusades. While the Catholic Church is considered the largest Christian church, with more than 1.2 billion members worldwide, you would have many Christians, who are not Catholic, argue whether Catholicism is truly a religion of Christianity. Some even go as far to criticize it as a Pagan religion rather than a form of Christianity. For those Christians, there is a huge issue with blaming Christians for the Crusades, as they see them as the fault of the Catholics, who they do not consider to be true Christians.

However, many will rebut the above argument as simply nothing more than semantics and an attempt by non-Catholic Christians to distance themselves from the Crusades. While Obama likes to claim that the actions of a few radicals are not representative of all Muslims, he had no issue with lumping all Christians together to support his weak argument. Still, other problems lie within the comparison of Jihad to the Crusades.

While I could write at length comparing and contrasting the Crusades to Jihad, such an explanation would require a word count far beyond what will hold the attention for many readers. However, a quick clip by Bill Warner, PhD, which features a dynamic battle map, gives a visualization that words can not match.

If you didn’t watch the video, a picture (inspired by and created from the video) is worth a thousand words:

[VIDEO] Since Obama Brought It Up, Let's Compare Jihad To The Crusades

As Christians, we must educate ourselves in order to respond to the talking points of the left when ridiculous comments about the Crusades are used to defend Jihad. We cannot stand speechless while these claims are feeding into the ignorance of those that do not have a grasp of the history.

Learning the key elements about exactly what the Crusades were, when they occurred, and why they occurred is of the utmost importance when such misunderstood historical events are used to justify the slaughter by Muslims today. With this no longer being taught in American public schools, spreading the information and educating others falls on our shoulders.

The reason the spread of this information is so important can be easily identified in the following graph, which shows “The Law of Islamic Saturation”:

[VIDEO] So, You Want To Talk About The Crusades? Let's Compare Jihad.

As I explain when I frequently share this graph across social media:

Did you know: As Islam grows in a nation after it enters, it annihilates any other religion over the course of centuries. The graph demonstrates Turkey, which was a Christian nation. Today it is 99.7% Muslim. The same growth curve is seen in ALL nations Islam enters. The same happened in Egypt, North Africa, Iraq, Syria … All were at one time Christian nations. But it’s not just Christian nations at risk of this “Law of Islamic Saturation.” The same applied in Afghanistan, which use to be Buddhist. Pakistan, once Hindu, now almost all Muslim.

This is something that should stop you in your tracks with what is happening across Europe and the US.

Islam + 1400 years = 270 million dead “kafirs” due to jihad.

Do you still think coexistence is possible?

In summary, the Crusades were completely reactionary to a multi-century onslaught by jihadists. While the purpose of the Crusades were to free Christians, the purpose of Islamic jihad was and is to conquer and kill the kafir (non-Muslims). There is no moral equivalence to the two.

Furthermore, the goal of Islamic jihad, past and present, is to rid the world of non-Muslims, which a quick history lesson shows to be quite effective when the “kafirs” are ignorant enough to attempt to “co-exist.”


Unless America is ready to fall victim to the law of Islamic saturation, this information needs to spread as fast and as far as the fallacies offered by Islamic apologists. Whether you are Christian or not, you will be victim to jihad —  the only way to be exempt is to convert to Islam, which, by the way, forbids many of the left’s favorite pastimes, such as alcohol, just to name one. For those, like myself that are not willing to live under Sharia Law, the time to inform the masses is long overdue. Please share this article with a prayer that those, believing coexistence with Islam is possible, wake-up before it’s too late.


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