American Sniper.

My thoughts on this are: He’s an American Sniper under orders of the American Military. This means that I want him to be just the best sniper possible. Second, I believe they’re the best way to off terrorists second to continuous bombardments of Moslim countries. Third, anyone not in the military, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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Have you seen American Sniper? You will have almost certainly heard about it and more than likely in a negative tone of voice.

The war biopic, directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Bradley Cooper, has divided viewers into two passionate camps – on the one side, hard-nosed patriots who have reacted to the film positively and on the other, liberal humanitarians who have greeted it with outrage.

This is interesting because of the rarity of this kind of controversy. It’s not as if American Sniper is the first pro-American war movie to be produced by Hollywood. On the contrary, jingoistic cinema has never diminished in popularity since its birth in 1945, with even liberal filmmakers tending to concede that America is a remarkable country and one whose achievements are worth celebrating.

I think my favourite patriotic war movie has to be Saving Private Ryan – the photographic depiction of the D-Day landings in…

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