Islamic (Double) Agent & Repub Power Broker, Grover Norquist: Alarm Bells Rung, Ignored! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Ah yes Grover Norquist. Ronald Reagan’s God.

Adina Kutnicki

(Grover Norquist is a co-founder of a Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Free Market Institute!)

IT has been reported at these pages, on a multiplicity of occasions, that there are more than a few Islamic foxes in the Repub power base. But when one adds them to the laundry list in the Demster column the waters become very muddy. Indeed, some are “sympathizers” inside Congress, while others act as lobbyists, etc.  Well paid whores. 

THE fact is that some deserve a higher profile than others, although the list keeps growing. That’s just the way it is. Consider:

HOW corrosive is it when the actual House Intelligence Chair, Repub Rep. Mike Rogers – tasked to investigate Benghazigate – has a sordid nexus to the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia? Say what?

Those of us who are anticipating a measure of (long overdue) justice for Americans who were slaughtered during Benghazigate…

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