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Yes, I’ve called Obama a Muslim; in my book even the Pope is a Muslim. Why is that? Well, the Muslim confession (that is, if you state this out loud you are a Muslim and Muslims have this as their statement of confession, the Shadada) is, There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. Both Obama and the Pope and many other political and “christian” leaders have stated something to the effect of, there is only one God and if you call him Allah that’s okay. Both Obama and the Pope and many other political and “christian” leaders have also called Mohammed a prophet, even insist that he be respected as such among christians, and showing deep respect themselves.

But what Obama probably is, and the Pope and all the other “christians”, is a follower of the thing called “ Chrislam” – a combination of Christianity with Islam as one religion serving one God. They believe they are christians because they believe in God, and therefore “fellow religious travellers” with believers in God who call him Allah, whom they even believe, also want the best for the world and their people, namely peace. So we always have to have an open dialogue and seek common ground and common purpose, while serving God however we define Him, as best as we can.

Sounds nice, but it’s not possible. When God has been known for thousands of years to his people as Yahweh, and Jesus Christ had already been established as the Messiah for hundreds of years with all of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe converted, along comes Mohammed and invents one Allah to give him permission to be a perfect beast, and proceeds to wipe out all who know God’s Name is YahWeh and He has a Son, Jew and Christian. Slaughter to conquer the Middle East, more slaughter to conquer North Africa, more slaughter today. There is no combining Christianity and Islam, Islam exists precisely to wipe out Christianity and the Jews, they are complete opposites, and as far as Islam is concerned, sworn enemies.

Christians are supposed to believe the Bible, and it explains that Mohammed is a false prophet. It also explains what false prophets do, namely draw people away from the real God, into error and even idolatry. Allah is an idol. Mohammed made him up from the daughters of the Moon god (aka. the abomination Molech from the Old Testament) and scraps of the Old Testament. To give himself and his gang of raping butchering robbers full permission to be perfect beasts, to harm women, to harm little children. Every word of the Koran denies and contradicts the Bible, though here and there it admits it’s the truth. There is no discussion; people who won’t accept the Koran’s denial of the gospel and the Old Testament, must die. They are unbelievers because they won’t accept Mohammed as a prophet and deny Allah is any sort of God.

Even in the Old Testament, God has a Son. It says so in the book of Job, it says so in the Psalms, it gets specific about it in 2Samuel chapter 7. But of Allah it is written: He does not beget and is not begotten. Allah has no sons, no children; he is not a Father. If he’s anything, he’s Baal, he’s Moloch, deities that required child sacrifice and the burning of children — and this is a habit found today, only in Islam. Like the priests of Baal of old, they also carve themselves to make blood run, and carve their children also on their feast days. Hamas has no problem at all, hanging kids by their shirts on buildings about to be bombed by Israel, daring them to inflict civilian casualties. Their kids are indoctrinated from an early age, to agree with this; there are plenty of videos and pictures online of little Islamic kids mouthing death threats to Jews and America, of kids with big guns swearing they will fight Jihad.

So there is no such thing as Chrislam. That’s like jumbo shrimp and tall dwarf and blackish white. Any Christian even a little bit familiar with his or her Bible knows Mohammed is a false prophet and Allah is, well, Satan. Everything about Islam is cruel and wrong and that’s why. To be a Christian in the first place, at least according to the original definition, you have to believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God! And then heed His many warnings against those who try to sell you a different Jesus or a different gospel, against wolves in sheep’s clothing, and how you could tell what they were not by their words but by their deeds (“fruits”).

If you believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, based on the Bible/gospel, and believe He rose from the dead, congratulations, you’re a Christian. Then you know that anyone who denies God has a Son, that Jesus was that Son, that He died on a cross and rose from the dead, is not a prophet; certainly not when he doesn’t even know God’s proper Name. When he furthermore starts butchering Jews and Christians, you know for sure, you’re dealing with opposition, and THE opposing force to God is, of course, Satan.

Christians confess that Allah is not God, and Mohammed was no prophet. Jews do not acknowledge him as a prophet either. Christians do not respect false prophets at all, but expose and denounce them (compare Gal. 1:6-9, the epistle of Jude, etc.). Christians confess there is only One Way, that all others are false. Christians know Allah and Mohammed are both total lies and fakes and that the Bible condemns them both and warns sternly against them and all false prophets and fake gods.

There is no Chrislam. Either you believe in Jesus Christ, or you don’t. Isa of the Koran won’t do. Allah of the Koran is a man-made invention and if you doubt it, look how preoccupied He is with fucking, fucking, fucking and fucking. Even in Paradise it’s all they want and do. The women go to hell anyway, says Mohammed.

The second question is, WHY would any decent Christian want to befriend, hold services with, or get together with Islamics in any way? Chrislam??? Fire and water, water and oil, black and white?  We have *nothing* in common. Our reaction to any assertion by any Islamic based on his Koran should be, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what an idiot you are to believe some asshole who comes along 600 years after Christ and claims to know better.  Even the Jews knew he was a fake. That’s why he hated them so.  He was poisoned by a Jewess in vengeance for killing her husband and raping her, dying the death even his Allah assigned to false prophets, according to his own words, having “cut his aorta.”

Chrislam is like the agnostics. Agnostics are atheists too yellow to admit it. Chrislamists are Moslims but too stupid to realize it.


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Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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  1. World leaders are recognizing ‘Allah’ as being the same as the Christian God, the only God. This is defiling to Christianity. This is blasphemy to God, our Father. The term ‘Allah’ is being thrown around in media as being the same as God, and then showing Muslims beheading Christians in the name of said God. The evilness that is in this world is finding many avenues to promote ‘No God’ instead of ‘ Know God’. Nonbelievers are being completely turned off from ever wanting to find God.

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    May the grace, peace, and love of Christ and God our Father be with you. Fight the good fight & spread the good news.

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