Are you shopping at one of Target’s Islamic sharia-compliant stores? | BARE NAKED ISLAM

Are you shopping at one of Target’s Islamic sharia-compliant stores? | BARE NAKED ISLAM.

According to recent reports, Target stores have implemented a new policy that specially caters to Muslim cashiers. The national retailer recently announced that those who object to ringing up products that contain pork are being shifted to other positions within the organization.

American News  The retailer notes that some Muslim cashiers had refused to scan products like bacon because it would interfere with their religious beliefs. Reportedly, Muslim employees would ask other cashiers and coworkers to ring up the purchases. Some even went as far as asking the customers to scan the items themselves.


“We are confident that this is a reasonable solution for our guests and team members,” said Target spokeswoman Paula Thorton-Greear about the decision to offer Muslim cashiers the options of wearing gloves or shifting to other positions. Greear said the problem was only taking place in a specific area.

“It is not an issue in most of our stores in the Twin cities,” Greear claimed in an email. “There is also no indication that is an issue in the Minnesota market overall or nationwide.” (Not yet, anyway, give-em time)



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