France: 26 Mosques Attacked With Grenades, Firebombs, Gunfire and Pig Heads Since the Muslim Massacre in Paris

Remedy for all terrorism: Every time there is a terrorist attacking unarmed civilians and killing them, a Western country takes an equivalent amount of local moslims and offs them, and destroys a mosque. Eye for an eye, and all that. There is no such thing as a peaceful moslim. Islam itself is WAR. To kill you and take your stuff and rape your wife and sell your kids. It’s all they have ever ever done in their entire 1400 years of NOT PEACEFUL history.


About cassandrasez

Cass is a well-travelled Dutchwoman, formerly of Spokane, Washington, USA, presently living in Holland again. She holds a Master's Degree in English and has taught it 20 years at the high school and mostly Jr. College level, until 2010. For other info see "About" at top bar.
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