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Personal info no longer provided due to terrorist threats from a Dutch pro-ISIS group that is patrolling the internet to silence all anti-Islam bloggers. One Robert J. Konrad seems to be some sort of leader there, all are invited to hunt that asshole down and let him feel what we think of ISIS-supporters.




One Response to Contact


    “BareNakedIslam Under Attack?”
    Posted on October 22, 2014

    From William: Glad BNI is Back Up !

    I was getting ready to send Complaints to, and Post on Social Media, concerning this Suppressive “Internet Jihad”.

    My Comment: to BNI: Your Coverage is one of the most Complete, Accurate, and well Documented as I have seen.

    Yes, ‘unfortunately’, there will be those who will Post comments (not all which I agree with as to their not so thought out “Crude” Wording, however remember BNI’s Caption “It Isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you”, so some “Crude” Comments as to the Islamist Jihadists, and their “Murderous Tactics”, ARE understandable, but which some Islamist Organizations like CAIR, ICNA, ISNA (and especially ISNA), will take “Offense” to, use to their “Advantage”, and then try to use every “Legal Maneuver” and “Intimidation’ Tactic in the Book to Suppress the Truth about Islamic Jihad, thus subverting the United States Constitution and United states Laws using comments such as “It is not a threat.  It is the law”.

    As in the similar “Tactic” that ISNA used with me (and I did NOT Email anything “Threatening” or “Offensive” but only my “‘Personal Opinion'” with some Information from such Websites as Jihad Watch, WND, Pamela Geller, etc. sent to the ISNA Website, which DOES have a ‘Comments’ Link that ‘Solicits’ Comments – but apparently UNLESS the “Comments” are totally supporting of the Islamist Jihadist “Cause” and “Anti American” they really DO NOT accept ANYONE’S “Opinion” and WILL take “Offense”):
    “Date: September 27, 2014 1:05:46 AM MDT
    To: “William Lucas Harvey Jr.”  
    Subject: Stop emailing ISNA
    Edgar Hopida
    Communications Director
    The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
    Subject:  It is not a threat.  It is the law. This is unwanted spam and harassing email. So remove us from your “list.” Your opinion is neither welcomed nor solicited by us.  Stop emailing ISNA or we will notify law enforcement for harassment
    Date:  September 26, 2014 9:00:10 PM MDT”

    I DID send ISNA ONE last Email that I AM stopping (“So remove us from your list”), ALL Communications with ALL Islamic Organizations Websites (not just ISNA), but also “Reminded” them that, as to my Rights under the United States Constitution, the “Supreme Law of the Land”, – but of course the Islamist’s consider that the Law of the “Koran” Supersedes, and is more “Supreme” than our Constitution – and existing United States Laws, I WILL STILL send my “Comments” to the United States Government plus the Government Agencies, and Government/State/Local Politicians, plus “Non Islamic” Organization Websites (such as Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller, WND, World Press, BNI,, as well as to to Social Media.

    Best Regards,
    William Lucas Harvey Jr.
    Retired B.S.E.E. Age 70


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